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Plan F&B

Breakfast for 2 people + 2 cups of coffee #Hotel Vacation

Progress : 2022.04.05 ~ 2023.12.14

per 1 night (Including VAT) USD 200.99 ~

If you're a hotel guest
a benefit that anyone can enjoy

If you add 40,000 won at the room's product price,
We offer all the perks.

Breakfast prepared with fresh ingredients,
Coffee that will add ventilation to your steps in need of relaxation,
Infinity pool where you can enjoy the endless East Sea

looking down from a hotel room
With Sokcho beach
Don't miss out on the special benefits!

Wire inquiry 1588-4355
※ Online booking only.

Package details

Plan F&B

Breakfast for 2 people + 2 cups of coffee

  • 1. Package includes
     a hotel room
     + CAFE PLATE Breakfast for 2 people
     + 2 cups of slow lounge coffee

    2. Product price: KRW 283,000 ~

    ※ Rates by date may vary depending on the room situation.
    ※ The above rate is the minimum daily rate, and the rate shown at the time of reservation is the final product price.
    ※ The above product is limited to hotel-type rooms.

① CAFE PLATE "Two Breakfasts"

  • With a delicious breakfast filled with the freshness of the season
    Have a relaxing morning.

     º Breakfast buffet for 2 people.    ☞ Dining "CAFE PLATE". Watch closely
      - Location: Cafe Plate (1st floor)
      - Operating hours: 07:00-10:00
      - Inquiries: 033-634-1281

② Slow Lounge. "Two cups of co

  • Brand collaboration with local bookstores in Sokcho
    Slow Lounge is 'Book and People's Space'.

    At Sokcho Resort Slow Lounge
    Love for books,
    one's feelings for a person
    And it has a philosophy of space.

    º 'two cups of coffee'
      - Menu: (HOT/ICE) Choose between Americano, latte, and cappuccino
      - Location: 1st floor slow lounge
      - Operating hours: 10:00–19:00
      - Inquiry: 033-634-1285

[Hotel type guest added bonus]

Admission to Infinity Pool is free

  • Beyond the sea at the end of the sky,
    The endless Sokcho
    Enjoy a panoramic view of the blue sea.

    < "Infinity Pool Free Entry" Benefits available
        ☞ Get a closer look at Infinity Pool
        ·Operating hours: 09:00 to 19:00
        · Contact point: 033-634-1334
    ※ Operation may be restricted during the winter season during bad weather and sub-zero weather.

     * The above benefits do not apply to guests other than the Infinity Pool operating date.
     * Admission is limited to guest gardens.
     * Additional costs (KRW 30,000 for person/KRW 20,000 for person) may be incurred when adding more than the number of guests.


Condominium-type rooms are open for reservation on weekdays D-60, and weekends D-30.

Check-in is 15:00 and check-out is 11:00. 

The amount and benefits of the above package are subject to change. 

Please understand that all auxiliary facilities may be restricted due to hotel circumstances. 

The above perks are given per beat. The above product is limited to hotel-type rooms. 

Depending on the room situation, some dates may be closed early. 

Weekend (Friday to Saturday) and peak season: 5 days ago (free), 4 days ago (40%), 3 to 2 days ago (60%), 1 day before to the day (90%), No-show (100%) Weekdays (Sunday to Thursday): 2 days ago (free), 1 day (10%), same day (20%), No-show (100%)

투숙객 전용으로 제공되는 체험 프로그램을 다양하게 즐겨보세요.

  • 그릇사진

    주말바다 속 과자집 만들기

    • 구성 : 캐릭터 요리사 복장 착용 + 과자집 만들기 + 기념 사진 촬영
    • 금액 : 30,000원 / 1인
  • 플로팅 요가

    주말인피니티풀 플로팅 요가

    • 구성 : 플로팅 요가 + 바다호흡명상
    • 금액 : 투숙객 30,000원 / 1인, 비투숙객 40,000원 / 1인
  • [이스트요가] 요가 원데이 클래스

    매일[이스트요가] 요가 원데이 클래스

    • 구성 : 하타/빈야사 요가+명상
    • 금액 : 30,000원 / 1인