Ethics management

Lotte Resort creates ethical corporate culture through transparent management and innovation.

Lotte Resort Compliance and Ethics Management Policy

Lotte Resort is committed to ensuring fair and ethical work environment in the construction and operation of compliance matters and ethical management systems aimed at prevention of corruption, conflict of interest, and compliance with fair trade. I declare that I will set the standard of judgment as follows.

  • 1.

    We will strictly abide by domestic and overseas laws and regulations and internal regulations in carrying out our business, and we will not do illegal act in any case.

  • 2.

    Recognizing that all stakeholders of Lotte Resort are a mutually growing entity, we will strive to establish a fair and ethical corporate culture for common prosperity.

  • 3.

    We will respect each employee's personality and freedom, create a fair competitive environment and create a pleasant working environment so that our employees can have confidence and pride in the company.

  • 4.

    We will actively participate in the company's compliance and ethics practice activities, innovate past practices, and strive to fulfill corporate social responsibilities.

Such compliance and ethical management policies and results will be announced to all employees and will be continuously monitored and reviewed for their implementation.
In addition, Lotte Resort establishes the management goals of the company's compliance matters and ensures the activities of the compliance officer with independent authority and responsibility for the realization of the compliance matters and the ethical management policy. We promise to continue to improve the system.


Code of Conduct

Lotte Resort pledges to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities and enacts the following codes of conduct that the Company and its employees must observe.

  • 1. Trust of Lotte Resort Family

    People who spend as much time as a family
    People sweating together and moving toward one goal
    It is the trust that binds us together as one family, which is so precious to each other.

  • 2. Trust with Customers

    It is the power of trust that allows us to choose our service with only one brand, Lotte Resort.

  • 3. Trust with your partner

    People who are trusted by partner companies
    Furthermore, people who are trusted by our competitors are our Lotte Resorts.

  • 4. Trust in Society

    As a member of society, contributing to society, being a model and trusted by society
    Lotte Resort is a true company.

Ten Tasks of Ethical Management Practice

We will always take the lead in the practice of ethical management by observing basic principles and principles.

  • 1. I will place customer satisfaction first.
  • 2. I will cooperate with partner companies for mutual growth.
  • 3. I will fulfill my social responsibilities as an employee of Lotte Resorts.
  • 4. I respect and respect the employees.
  • 5. I will take the lead in raising legal risk awareness.
  • 6. I will not engage in unethical or anti - corruption acts. (For personal use, entertainment, convenience, arrangement, solicitation, company cost for personal use)
  • 7. I will take the lead in information security.
  • 8. I will comply with safety regulations.
  • 9. I will take the lead in sexual harassment prevention culture at work.
  • 10. I will take the lead in improving the awareness of people with disabilities at work.

Ethical management system

Lotte Resorts operates various ethical management systems and systems to practice compliance with basic principles and principles and to be trusted by internal and external stakeholders.

  • 1. Systematic management of ethics management

    In addition to the existing non-ethics eradication work, we will systematically manage the organization to build a system to preemptively prevent unethical activities, We are also actively promoting ethical management so that our customers can be recognized as ethical companies.

  • 2. Ethics Practice Mentor 'Ethics Practice Leader'

    Consists of applicants from each branch ‘Ethics Practice Leader’We work closely with the compliance management team to check risks in the branches from time to time, We are in charge of ethics practice activities such as disseminating ethics campaigns and conducting related education.

  • 3. Ethics HOT-LINE

    Lotte Resort has received consultations and reports on ethics management through ethics management website, mobile, e-mail, phone, and various types of ethics HOT-LINE.
    Ethics HOT-LINE is only available to employees of Lotte Resorts.

  • 4. Notification of ethical violations

    Lotte Resort operates an ethics violation reporting channel as follows to create a healthy corporate culture.
    ▶ Compliance Management Team
    We will actively take action against ethical violations reported by our partners and stakeholders.
    ▶ Types of ethical violations
    · Receiving and donating money and entertainment with employees and stakeholders
    · preferential provision or equity investment to stakeholders
    · private money transactions with stakeholders and unreasonable pressure
    · embezzlement/use of company funds and damage to company property
    · leakage of customer and company information
    · Matters related to work discipline, such as double employment and concurrent employment.

Unethical Prevention Activities

Lotte Resorts Fundamental Solution and Prevention of Unethical Behavior We have a variety of institutional devices.
Furthermore, by consistently supplementing regulations and systems, encourages practical action in the field.

  • 1. Ethical Management Report HELP-LINE

    Lotte Resort operates various institutional devices to prevent and solve unethical acts.
    Furthermore, by constantly supplementing regulations and systems, we encourage practical practice in the field.

  • 2. Clean card

    In order to prevent illegal use of corporate cards, we are operating a 'Clean Card' system.
    It is not possible to pay for corporation card for use that has little relevance to the performance of the business with the payment business type and the use time limit function.

  • 3. Listening Tour

    We visit our employees in person to introduce our Code of Conduct and ethical management system.
    We have implemented a 'listening tour' system that accommodates employees' grievances and opinions in a wide range.

  • 4. Ethical content creation and sharing

    We are strengthening the ethical awareness of all employees by producing and sharing ethical content dealing with various ethical issues on a monthly basis.